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Come receive and learn

The Nine Great Rites of Enlightenment

and open the pathway to bring in your Highest Essential Self!


As we step into the beginning of the Golden Age, it marks a time of great change and movement on Earth. Moving through this change, we need support in creating wholeness for ourselves, our communities and the world.

The Nine Great Rites of Enlightenment (also known as The Munay-ki) are transmissions of frequencies to help you shift into a new way of consciousness and support our energy bodies evolving into homo-luminous beings. These rites assist in anchoring our energy bodies in the new paradigm.


Together we will step into Sacred Ceremony where you will be gifted with these rites before learning how to bring them home to gift them to your family and friends.

Each weekend-long session will focus on:

  • Teaching you each rite and how to apply it to your everyday life

  • Journeying to deeper parts of yourself

  • Ceremony/Magic

  • Story telling

  • Group Sharing

Where:  Sandpoint, Idaho

Cost: $444 for both sessions 

Who: Open to all!

There are no pre-requisites, HOWEVER, this is a sequential class: out of respect to the teachings and to all the participants, your commitment to attend all classes, all three days, of both sessions, is required. Class will start promptly at the times indicated.

To protect the integrity of the work, workshop offerings and workshop registrations are extremely limited, so they routinely fill up quickly!


Please, contact me now if you are interested in participating so you don't miss your place in the next workshop.


Session I

Foundation Rites
August 24th and 25th

12pm - 6pm

  • Healers Rites: Awakens the Healing Power in your hands, so that everyone you touch is blessed.

  • Bands of Protection: Installs protective elemental bands of power around you, woven into your energy field.

  • Seers Rites: Awakens your inner Seer, and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit.

  • Harmony Rites: Aligns the power centers in your body (your chakras) and installs Archetypes into each chakra.

Session II
Sacred Vibration of Archangels

  • Daykeeper Rites: The Daykeepers are the midwives and herbalists of the land. Learn to call on the ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the Earth.

  • Wisdom Keepers Rites: Connects you to a lineage of luminous teachers from the past and the future

  • Earth Keepers Rites: Connects you to the Archangels, who are stewards of all life on Earth.

  • Star Keepers Rites: This to assist you in your evolution into a homo-luminous being. The aging process is slowed down, it reinforms your DNA, and you become more resistant to disease.

  • Creator Rite: This rite awakens the Creator Light within, and brings forth a sense of stewardship for all creation!

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It is my deepest honor and privilege to bring these most sacred rites and teachings to our community! This is a great opportunity to step into the realms of magic and creativity, accessing your infinite possibilities here on Earth!


Infinite love,


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