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Answer the call and step

onto your soul's true path with

The Medicine Wheel Journey

Inspired by the ancient sacred wisdom teachings and energy medicine of the shamans and Earthkeepers of the Americas, the Medicine Wheel is a powerful four-part experiential journey of personal growth, transformation and self-awareness.

The people of the Peruvian Andes, the Q’ero, are the last remaining remnants of the Inca Empire.  Their shamanic traditions have passed in an unbroken stream from generation to generation to the present day.  The Q’ero fully recognize that we are in the time of the Pachakuti – the turning of the age leading up to the Earth’s entry into the 5th World.  The healing and spiritual practices that they have used for centuries have recently been made available to others as a way of preparing for this transition.

Join Nicole Hutto as we explore the teachings and cosmology of these fascinating people in the Medicine Journey training (Inca Medicine Wheel).  As students work their way through the four cardinal directions, they will create their shaman’s mesa, or sacred bundle of medicine stones, receive the rites of passage of the Inca traditions, and activate and heal their body of light.  Elegant processes will be learned that address personal, past life, and ancestral issues, as well as soul retrieval and journey work.  Each will come away from the training with a multitude of skills and understandings that will carry them well into the future.

Experience the magic and mystery of these sacred teachings for personal healing and evolution, while at the same time coming together in mutual support as we create our group container of light.

Recommended but not required: completion of The Nine Great Rites (The Munay-Ki)

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Nicole is a graduate of the Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body Program, having studied with Alberto Villoldo, Linda Fitch, and directly with the Q’ero shamans and medicine people of Peru. She has had many years of experience facilitating groups, and has taught over 150 workshops and retreats consisting of a wide variety of energetic and healing practices, including the shamanic practices of the Medicine Wheel and Healing the Light Body Practitioners. 


What is it?


The medicine wheel is a nondogmatic four part consecutive series offered in a 9 month time frame. Each class working with the Andean archetypes and the 4 cardinal directions. 

You will receive the nine ancient rites and ancient energy wisdom knowledge tools to empower your life to self-reference your joy, natural talents and maps to help assist and navigate the ever changing situations we encounter throughout our lives.


You will become a full mesa carrier of the Andean tradition. Initiated into stewardship of the earth and all her children.


  • You will create a unconditional loving Ayllu (tribe) of medicine  men and women on this physical plain as well as throughout all timelines.  

  • You will learn the ancient energetic anatomy and how to source and heal this sacred bubble. 

  • You will learn the indigenous maps of the lower, middle and upper worlds through guided journeys and how to work with these realms. 

  • You will create a deeper relationship to ceremony and the earth.


Plus many tools and ancient stories passed through generations.

“Indigenous cultures across the globe have long thrived on a profound connection to nature, spirituality, and communal well-being. Among the rich tapestry of their traditions, the Medicine Wheel stands out as a powerful symbol, embodying a holistic approach to health and balance. Rooted in the spiritual wisdom of global tribes, the Medicine Wheel serves as a guiding force, weaving together physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life into a harmonious whole.

The Medicine Wheel is not a monolithic concept; its form and symbolism vary among different Indigenous nations.  The core philosophy remains consistent — the Medicine Wheel is a sacred circle representing the interconnectedness of all life.


Historically, the Medicine Wheel has roots that stretch back thousands of years. It was not only a tool for healing but also a compass for navigating the complexities of existence. The traditional circular design is often divided into four quadrants, each corresponding to a cardinal direction — North, East, South, and West. Each direction carries unique symbolism, color associations, and spiritual attributes.

The Medicine Wheel stands as a testament to the enduring wisdom of indigenous cultures, offering a holistic framework for well-being and harmony. Beyond its physical representation, the Medicine Wheel is a living embodiment of a worldview that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life”    

-Sourced and copied from “Significance on the Medicine Wheel in Indigenous Cultures”, by Dashayne Morin

The Medicine Wheel Journey

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Part 1

South Direction: Way of the Serpent

In the South, we learn to shed the past the way the Serpent sheds its skin. We come to recognize and release the stories that have shaped our lives, freeing ourselves to step fully into the present moment.

Part 2

West Direction: Way of the Jaguar

In the West, we step beyond our karmic and genetic inheritance, honoring the gifts and releasing the wounds of our ancestors, journeying beyond death to bring closure to what has been and allowing for a life of our choosing.

Part 3

North Direction: Way of the Hummingbird

In the North, we learn to step outside of linear time into infinity, the place outside of time & space where all possibility & wisdom exists. Transforming our roles & calling in our destinies.  We learn the map to the land of the Ancient Ones, reconnecting through ceremony with our origins & ancient memories.

Part 4

East Direction: Way of the Condor/Eagle

In the East, we’ll let go of  limiting core beliefs and projections enabling us to fully manifest our dreams through vision, awareness, energy and intent. We transcend beyond our personal healing work and step into the shared responsibilities with the infinite family of Earthkeepers and stewards.

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