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Nicole helped me to find the courage to make needed changes in my life.  To rediscover joy and to trust in my own wisdom.  I look forward to participating in her upcoming internet workshops.


Walk the Mountains with Nicole at your next opportunity.



Working with Nicole helped me get to the heart of the matter for what was going on with me. Even with all the men’s work I’ve done, including Mankind Project, Nicole helped me to look at things in a new way, and see things I hadn’t–or couldn’t–see before.


“Nicole Hutto has been a friend of mine for close to 10 years. During the past 3 years, after I moved to Sandpoint, we became much closer. Her strength and passion for her craft has led me down the path of strength, personal power and enlightenment, compassion and a better understanding of Mother Earth and Father Sky. I am blessed on both personal and professional levels to know and have worked with Nicole. She has helped me through very trying times in my life and has taught me that I have the power and knowledge to heal both myself and the world around me. I cannot express my gratitude enough to this woman, this Medicine Healer, for every thing she has done for me. Her gentle, yet firm resolve in tackling the deepest beliefs of unnecessary and destructive roots has guided me toward harmony, while soothing my fears, not playing into those beliefs and appreciating all of the hard work I have accomplished. She is truly a Master Medicine Woman. I am excited to work with her again, look forward to her presence in mine and my children’s lives to come and encourage anyone who is feeling to call Nicole Hutto, Medicine Woman Extraordinaire!”


Brett, Sandpoint, ID

Working with Nicole has really helped me clear the mental clutter. I didn’t even realize how fears and old beliefs were affecting me. After working with Nicole, I feel a much deeper sense of calm and peace. I understand myself better. I accept myself with love. And I have a much deeper sense of joy.


Nicole is one of the most amazing teachers I have been blessed to work with! I love her ability to help bring forth what is within. I appreciate her great gifts and amazing spirit.
Elizabeth E. K.

Elizabeth E. K.

Nicole brings to her work the gifts of grace and integrity and studying with her has given me great insight into myself and the way I walk in the world. Her gentleness and strength open up a field of trust that has allowed me to work at the deepest levels to understand and move beyond the fears and obstacles that I have carried with me. I look forward to working with her more in the future.



I have worked with Nicole in person and via telephone sessions. Each time I experienced profound healing and spiritual clarity. She has a powerful presence and intense focus when she works with clients that penetrates to the heart and soul. I was at first hesitant of the telephone sessions, thinking that it just wouldn’t be the same. However, the second Nicole had me lie down and close my eyes…She was right by my side, facilitating a deep healing session during a very difficulty time in my life. Nicole is a powerful medicine woman and I am honored to have worked with her.


Regina, Fairbanks, Alaska

Nicole has been instrumental helping me through a very difficult time during my Mother’s passing and the time before. She helped me to stay energetically clean and still be able to support the loved ones in my family as well as working through the death rites.
Nicole also has made a big impact especially with one of my children (9 years old) who she helped dealing with some ‘bad dreams’. He is now very interested in building his own Mesa.


I have had the utter delight to work in the non-ordinary realms with Nicole and my heart can still bring forth those intense and awe-inspiring feelings.  Her strong Gaia nature assisted me to find my natural roots that now intertwine with my authentic mother. Nicole
provided the wisdom and guidance to glide through spiritual speed bumps, while this spirit-sister lovingly encouraged my soul to take that next step. Having experienced her presence and awareness, she has stirred my inner-knowing for my own subsequent leaps into the wonderful unknown… Namaste!


I had a rib head near my heart that was constantly popping out, and causing me pain. In seconds–literally, seconds–Nicole was able to pinpoint the emotional component, which is, of course, the real cause. More importantly, she gave me some tools to deal with it. Now, if that rib head pops out, I know how to ‘check in’ with myself, and correct the physical problem AND address the emotional cause.


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