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Our Policies, Terms & Conditions

Our policies reflect our best efforts to protect the quality and integrity of our shared experience. Please be sure you have thoughtfully reviewed, considered, and agreed to all of the policies, terms, and conditions relevant to the products and/or services you purchase/secure prior to your purchase, booking, or registration.

Unique Details for Upcoming Events



Luminous Embrace, LLC ships orders requiring delivery of physical products to U.S. addresses via USPS Priority Mail.

We use Priority Mail to ensure speedy delivery and offer tracking information on shipping

progress. Shipping costs are calculated based on product weight, size, and shape to ensure

that your items can be packed and shipped securely.


Payments to Luminous Embrace, LLC are securely processed via Wix Payments.


Customer and/or client information is protected and not shared anyone. The information you elect to share with Luminous Embrace, LLC is securely maintained, used only to inform your associated interactions/transactions/orders, and never provided to outside parties.

If you choose to sign up for newsletter(s) and updates, I will only send you information directly relevant to Luminous Embrace, LLC and Nicole Hutto; you can opt out at any time using the link provided.


To protect clients, workshop community members, partners, vendors, and our business, we have individual Terms & Conditions in place for each of our in-person workshops that reflect unique details for each workshop. Please find the unique Terms & Conditions for your workshop (linked at the top of this page and under each workshop) and review them carefully prior to your purchase/registration.


Luminous Embrace, LLC's website and online store use secure https connections and encrypted order functionality. Your personal information, payment information, shipping information, and order details are safe and secure.

Purchases, registrations, and bookings are largely non-refundable. Please review the unique terms & conditions, percentages, and dates associated with your purchase to discover if, when, where, and how a refund can be made to learn about your rights relative to order cancellation, return, exchange, and/or refund.


Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be unable to make your in-person session. To protect the integrity of my schedule, I ask that you provide at least 24-hour advance notification of cancellation to avoid being charged for your in-person, on-location session.


Luminous Embrace's in-person/on-location classes typically include materials/supplies and location contracts purchased or created in advance of the workshop. Sometimes, workshops and groups are co-facilitated and may therefore reflect the unique policies of a visiting partner or provider. As a result, cancellation cut-offs and refund details are often unique for each course. Please look at the cancellation and refund details provided with your class registration for information associated with your class, workshop, or retreat.


Details on cancellations and refunds for all in-person workshops and groups are provided with your registration for information associated with your class.

Please refer to your registration materials or group agreement for details.

Have a question or concern not covered here? Contact Nicole to get your answer.

"And remember: you are the miracle!"

Nicole Hutto

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