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Despacho Ceremony

Create and sustain right relationship (Ayni) with yourself, your family and Mother Earth (Pachamama) through Despacho Ceremony, a healing ceremony of right action (Tooku Yanki), right love (Tooku Munay) and right thinking (Tooku Yachi).

Despacho Ceremony is a beautiful and ancient ceremony that is still performed throughout Peru. The ceremony begins with clearing and grounding of your energy field.
You will have the opportunity to place prayers of gratitude or request into the offering. These prayers are then “dispatched” to the Guides and Spirits when the offering is burned or buried by the shaman. 


Despacho is a different way of doing a shamanic session – it parallels a personal shamanic session with the power of collective prayer put in a prayer bundle as an offering.

Why Despacho?

Despacho is a great opportunity to sit in a sacred space of ceremony when transitioning into different phases of your life, whether that be a new birth… a death… selling your house… divorce… starting a new business… change of job… reclaiming yourself after the raising of your children… any significant life change. 


A four-week, in-person workshop


$300 for the complete course


Despacho creates communion between you and the archetypical principles that make up the laws of nature.

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