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Reiki Master Training Attunement III, Training & Certification

Reiki from the Japanese words for Rei (pronounced "ray") loosely translates to "universal or transcendental" or "God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki (pronounced “key”) means “life force energy,” like the Chinese chi.


Reiki is a Japanese technique of laying on hands that are used for stress reduction and relaxation, and also promotes healing. A Reiki practitioner is trained to balance your ki-energy and treats the whole person–body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

This in-person training conducted over three separate weekends with weekly Zoom

Reiki III
  • Includes Master Reiki notebook

  • Learn master symbols

  • Revisit three foundational symbols in your attunement

  • Receive your Reiki III attunement

  • Etiquette

  • Permission

  • Review of Reiki clients profile & notes

  • Practice attunements with class

  • Responsibilities/Protege

  • Discussion of other symbols

  • Live attunements

  • Bringing it all together

  • Graduation & Celebration

  • Receive your Reiki III certification


Registration for all three workshop weekends, weekly Zoom connections with the group, Master Reiki training textbook, and certificate included is $2,222.

In this time, we are being called to make a choice in our journey.

It’s not time to sit on the fence or sit in indecision.

It is a pivotal time for creating and manifesting.

Don’t miss the chance to open your energy channels to the abundance that is yours!

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