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Empowering Lives, Creating Happier
Tomorrows Through Healing


Hi, my name is Nicole Hutto. I have a deep passion for the earth and all of humanity.

My work supports optimal health and wellness by empowering you to be present, aware, and self-referencing in your own unique gifts so you can trust in the miracle you hold to heal yourself.

I will help guide you where to look, but it is up to you to choose what to see. I will empower you to be self referencing whenever we work together.

"Remember, you are the miracle"
- Nicole Hutto

My work, informed by ancient alchemy and the original Earth energy medicine, incorporates a unique balance of healing modalities for restoring wholeness to people and the Earth. 

Each modality supports the others, bringing the highest Love & Light vibration to all beings.

My Heart-Centered Modalities

Ceremony & Sacred Rites


Reiki &
Chakra Work



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