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Guided Meditation &
Shamanic Journeys Series

Join Nicole in this Introductory Shamanic Journey Series where she'll guide you through opening Sacred Space, the three pillars of ancient wisdom, working with your power animal, and much more.

In the first workshop, you'll learn your map back to the Lower World, rediscover your Power Animal given to you at birth, and dance again with the love and beauty that resides inside of you.

In the second workshop, you'll grow and deepen your connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and learn tools to walk in balance and grace through the Middle World.

In the third workshop, you'll discover your personal map to the Upper World, discover who you are becoming 10,000 years from now, learn your personal gifts, plus  reconnect with ancestors and loved ones.

Each class will close with a group/collective blessing as well as personal healing blessings.

Three Session Series

October 28

November 11

December 9

6 - 9 PM

GiddyUp Salon

111 2nd Avenue

Okonagan, WA

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